Intrinsically Repulsive

This site is meant to be a place for me to express my views without censorship from tech giants and benevolent dictators.
I also use this site to play around with HTML & CSS.
Sites labelled [COMING SOON] are pages that are planned for the future.




Anonymity, Privacy and Security

These are pages on this site that have been written by me. They are constantly expanding and being added to and as such should not be considered "finished" (what may be considered secure and private today might not be tomorrow). Criticisms and suggestions are encouraged.

Problematic Issues

These are non-tech related articles that are critical of certain issues affecting us today. I haven't exactly started writing about anything yet, all of my focus has been on the technology-related pages so far and I've also been extremely busy with IRL matters.

Recommended Sites

These are sites which I follow closely and recommend that you do as well.

Recommended Links

Articles from the world wide web. They mostly represent my own views on a variety of topics. These are pages which present information and points better than I could've if I chose to write about these topics myself.